Alu-One 155 SD

Alu-One™ 155 SD is a thermally broken heavy duty sliding door system enabling you the flexibility to create large openings and maximising glazed areas. 

This sliding system is designed to offer high performance with regards to u-values, weather ratings and burglar resistance.

The system has the capability of offering a “lift and slide” operating system which increases the usability and operation of the door and further improving weather, u-value and security performance.

The door incorporates high performance weather seals and durable stainless steel wheels and rails to increase the overall strength of the door system to enable a door sash of up to 300kg to be specified. 

he system features interlocking sashes to increase door strength. 

Alu-One™ 155 SD can accommodate the following opening types:

  • Two and three rail sliding configurations
  • Bipart and telescopic opening


  • The sliding sash to run internally or externally of the fixed lights
  • Two or three rail design
  • Anti lift mechanisms for increased security
  • Heavy duty gear to allow a sash weight of up to 300kg
  • Glazing up to 50 mm
  • Available in single and dual colour powder coat, or  anodised finish
  • Manufactured under ISO9001 quality management system
  • CE marked

Caracteristici tehnice

Frame depth: 78.5/165.5/252.5 mm
Sash depth: 71 mm
Minimum visible width: 155.6 mm
Glass thickness: up to 50 mm
Gaskets: EPDM
Type of insulation: multichambered poliamide strip
Insulation depth: 24/34 mm


Thermal insulation EN ISO 10077-2: 1.8 W/m2K (double glazed window)
Thermal insulation EN ISO 10077-2: 1.5 W/m2K (triple glazed window)


Brochure information about current system
Technical catalog short version of fabrication manual