Aluminium windows production

Aluminium windows production is driven by specialised engineers working with automated CNC processing centres.

The cutting machine performs automatic cutting at 45° and is also capable of intermediate angles according to predefined and optimised cutting lists. All milling and drilling operations from ventilation holes, corner hinge support to gearing for handle is completed by the CNC. Each piece of profile is labelled and then scanned with the barcode reader for ease of identification.


The process is fully automated; the project is sent from the design software on a computer directly to the machine, only requiring the operator to load the machine with profiles.

Items which are already milled and drilled are then joined together in frames using a corner pressing machine that ensures linearity and flatness of the new window. To achieve maximum strength, a corner block is added inside the profile and a special adhesive is applied on its edges.

Surface finish is an essential component of our Yprado product quality. The performance and durability of electrostatically applied paint outperforms any other type of paint coating. Each paint particle electrically bonds itself to the painted metal surface resulting in a finished surface that is flawless, dries quickly and is extremely durable.

All the fabrication processes employed by Yprado are particularly gentle to the environment therefore the only materials that are used meet the strict occupational safety and environmental protection standards. Yprado is aware that it is important to implement a sustainable approach to safeguard the climate. This has led the company to develop ambitious objectives aimed at preserving the environment for future generations. 
We believe this challenge is a great opportunity for companies to benefit from combining economic interests with ecological issues resources.