Aluminium profiles production

Aluminium profiles are produced in a fully equipped, modern plant.

Knurling is the first operation in the fabrication process and helps achieving mechanical strength between the thermal barrier and the aluminum cavity.

The inner and outer shelves are notched during this production step; the creation of the sharp notches on the sidewall allows the thermal barrier to fit and hold onto the aluminium profile during the rolling steps.

The knurling machine is key to increasing the shear strength by using a set of steel knurling wheels rotating at a high speed to knurl the aluminium cavity and subsequently providing a quality product giving longevity.

The next step in the creation of a profile is the insertion of the thermal barrier into their respective aluminum cavities. The machine allows thermal barriers to be inserted at the same time and lined up with the aluminum.

The final step is the rolling of the profile.

The aluminum cavity has already been knurled and the thermal barriers are inserted into the top and bottom of the aluminum semiprofiles.

When the entire assembly is passed through the rolling machine, the thermal barriers are forced into the notched aluminium cavity, creating an ensemble that holds the section together.

The profiles can be painted in any colour or anodized.