Yprado initially started out as a manufacturer which was active in the residential, private market.

Due to aluminium extraordinary architectural flexibility and beautiful design quality which is more suitable for modern office buildings, universities, hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals etc., Yprado entered into projects in the commercial market and became a large, experienced manufacturer in the fenestration industry. 

In 2009, Yprado decided to invest in the development of its own profile systems. An R&D department was created to develop innovative solutions in the window industry. The goal of this vertical integration is to generate customer satisfaction by supervising the quality in the entire process: from the design stage of the profiles to the assembling of the window.

In 2011, after an SRAC audit, our profile system development became ISO certified.

In 2012, our production capacity was enlarged by setting up a new factory producing aluminium from the profile level to the assembled window. This factory is equipped with fully automated lines to minimize the human intervention and the possibility of error in our production process.

Today, Yprado employs almost 100 people and has sales organisations in: France, Belgium and Romania.

The success has been built upon a great team who are passionate about its work and understands the changing demands of the clients. The team has enlarged step-by-step and comprises of estimation, sales, production, finance, IT, human resources, customer service, logistics and business development.