IT systems

Yprado has developed an integrated IT system for design and estimation of windows and doors.

Our partners can benefit from a training program and a detailed manual to use the entire suite of our software.

JoPPS is a product configurator with which you can design and calculate the price of your windows and doors. With a user friendly interface, the program guides the engineer during the input steps through simple and quick window dialogues.

From simple frames to complicated facades, JoPPS is a very user-friendly package which guides you through the process. All data can be easily adjusted: from colours, profiles, openings to glass and profile system. Internal and external views can be generated covering both architects and engineers designs.

JoPPS can generate reports for all company departments; from the final quotation for your customer to a detailed glass list for your glass supplier. By being equipped with an integrated data processor, all calculations can be exported to programs like Microsoft Excel and edited according to your needs. Engineers can export .dxf or .dwg files for their design purposes.

Moments of inertia Ix and Iy are calculated taking into consideration all parameters: wind pressure, height of the building, glass thickness, etc …  Our R&D department can also offer technical support regarding the best solution for your project.

Thermal transfer coefficients for the windows are calculated according to the used profile system and glass characteristics. Based on this, JoPPS can calculate U-values for each item of your project.