R&D department

Yprado aluminium systems are exclusively designed by our own R&D department.

The engineers are highly trained in the use of the latest design and inspection software available. To remain innovative, our R&D department is developing innovative solutions to meet all demands imposed by architects.

Whether you need concealed vents, curtain walls or just a profile specially required for your project, our team of five experienced engineers can design it for you.

Windows are probably the most interesting element in your building’s design. They provide light and fresh air but can also represent a potential source of unwanted heat in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Our R&D department calculates the U-values for the frames and entire window, recommending you the most energy saving solution and therefore helping you to reduce the energy costs.

The development engineers work with strategic projects according to the company's objectives: maximise quality and customers satisfaction at a minimum cost for the client.

All customers receive before and after sales support.